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Website copy is something many business owners get completely wrong. Have you ever looked for a product online, pulled up a website and found the name of the product, the price of the product, and a link to buy it? That's the kind of information many business owners think makes for good web copy. They think that all people need to make a decision to purchase is just the vital info - name, price, buy. Are they serious? That's no way to make the most of your website, and it's certainly not the way to bring in active customers who will come back to buy again and again.

time for fresh content Would you buy a product if that's all you saw on a page was the name, the price and a buy button? I certainly wouldn't, and neither would most of the people who actually find the site. So what is it that you need on a website to make people buy from you? The answer is simple... they need information. Wait, let me say that again so you really get it... information is what causes people to buy online. It's not a name and a price, or even a deal so good they can't pass it up that makes them click the buy button. Price may be a factor with some people, but for the people you want - the people who turn into repeat customers - what they need from you is information about what you have to sell. When they have the information, they can make a decision on whether the product you have is exactly what they need. Without that information, you're just another website with a product and a price and a buy button.

People don't shop online to buy products, they shop online to gather information. Everybody knows that, except the people who have no information about their products or services on their websites, of course. If your website is the one that gives people the most valuable information about your product or service, chances are it will be your website where they actually make a purchase. Website copy with valuable information about your product or service is the most valuable thing you can give a visitor. Information is what makes them come back. Information is what makes them tell others about your site. Information is what you need to give website visitors if you want those visitors to become valuable, paying customers who not only buy your product, but they recommend your website to everyone they know. And then when they need the product again, they come back to YOU and buy your product again. That's what good information on your website can do for you.

So here's the question. What does your website tell visitors about the product or service you sell? If your website copy is not giving visitors the information they need to make a buying decision, call us right now at 252-715-4750 and let the experts at Micro Digital Marketing help you get the results you need from your website. We're the best at what we do, and we want you to be the best at what you do too. Give us a call today.

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