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Email Marketing Gains Traffic

Since most small businesses on the Outer Banks have a customer base that lives elsewhere, maintaining contact with them year-round ensures that they remember your company and will return again. Local patrons also need to be reminded that they love your products and services, and a helpful email, with or without a special offer, will keep them loyal to your business. Email marketing campaigns are a low-cost online marketing tool to drive sales and maintain a loyal customer base.

  • 73% of millennials recognize email as their ideal means of business communication.
  • Welcome emails are unbelievably effective: on average, 320% more revenue is credited to them on a per-email basis than other promotional emails.
  • 80% of retail professionals specify that email marketing is their highest driver of customer retention. Ranking in the second position in terms of digital marketing strategies is social media which was only identified by just 44% of those same professionals.

Stop Losing Business to Your Competitors...

Measure Your Website's Performance

Is your small business currently sending out newsletters or “specials” emails but not getting a very high open rate? Perhaps you know an email marketing campaign is important, but you don’t know where or how to run an effective campaign. Professional email copywriting is necessary to ensure that your customers are compelled to open your email, as well as click through to your website to book their vacation, make dinner reservations, get your coupon, etc. This is where Mitro Digital Marketing can help. Our OBX and Raleigh internet marketing company will craft original, compelling copy that strikes the perfect balance between being informative as well as having a call to action (gets readers to take action).

We all know that repeat business is the bread and butter for most small businesses. So, when you know who your customers are, be sure to keep in touch with them or offer them something to come back, leave a review, or tell their friends about you.

The email marketing professionals at Mitro Digital Marketing will conduct research to find the most effective email titles, keywords, and customer interaction behaviors. This directed approach to writing and sending emails increases the likelihood that your customers will open and read the messages your North Carolina small business sends them.

We will include customized newsletters and promotional emails that are:

  • Informative
  • Entertaining
  • Interactive

No one wants to get emails that are full of sales and advertising copy, so it is necessary to make sure there is something in it for the customer. We have heard that some customers can’t wait to get the next email from our clients. We should note that we partner with industry leader Constant Contact to make sure your small business' emails don’t end up in your customer’s junk mail or spam boxes too.

What Our Clients Are Saying

5 stars

Pam Stoffel

 Knowing the team at Mitro Digital Marketing are on our side has given us a new peace of mind! When there is a problem they know before I do and usually it's all fixed before I even know it was broken! Our new website is the best I've ever seen and we receive compliments every day. And more important, their talent and dedication has helped our online presence, bringing in more business, more clients and more traffic on our site. For Shore Details, Teuta and her team have become part of our success and I would recommend them to anyone looking to improve their business with stellar service!

5 stars

Rev Melody McBride

I am a business owner, newly relocated here, and my website needed a big overhaul to reach my new target market. The team at Mitro Digital Marketing was friendly, knowledgeable, and they went the extra step to exceed my expectations.

5 stars

Tim Lusk

If you need web help and more or just want to talk to some really nice people come see them!!!!!