Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Services in Raleigh, NC

At Mitro Digital Marketing, we provide tailored search engine optimization and other solutions built on your needs for premium online marketing with exceptional results.

We don't just offer standard digital marketing service packages. Our aim is to instead offer customized digital marketing services that offer you what your small business needs to increase brand recognition and swiftly increase its website ranking in search engines.

We are a full-service, award-winning digital marketing company on the Outer Banks. We also specialize in internet marketing Raleigh. Our focus is on offering premium quality online marketing services. And, because digital marketing is a large part of what we do here aside from web development, we maintain and strive to be ahead of the learning curve in the constantly evolving world of online marketing.

In working with us at Mitro Digital Marketing, you can count on us to:

  • Do our best to understand your small business, goals, and competition so we can leverage our knowledge and experience to increase your digital footprint and make your business more visible and enticing to potential clients at the moment they are searching for your products and services.
  • Work in close partnership with you to build your brand and business presence online and to protect your online reputation.

Our digital marketing company has helped hundreds of small businesses by maintaining cutting-edge industry knowledge. What would you do with an additional 20% profit?

Learn how Mitro Digital can help you grow your small business using sound website design and digital marketing strategies that perform well in search engines -- success you can see when looking at your Google Analytics dashboard.

Web Design - Mitro Digital Marketing

Website Design & Development

  • Custom responsive website compatible with all devices

  • Visual appealing to promote your brand

  • Easy user experience for navigating your site

  • Promote your services

  • Promote your products

Web Hosting - Mitro Digital Marketing

Web Hosting

  • Web hosting

  • Dedicated server

  • Dedicated IP address

  • SSL security certificate

  • Unmetered bandwidth

Website Maintenance - Mitro Digital Marketing

Website Maintenance

  • Content update

  • WordPress update

  • Security update

  • Third party plugin update

  • Regular website check up

Search Engine Optimization - Mitro Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

  • Get traffic to your website

  • Guaranteed ranking on Google

  • Boost your brand

  • Phone call lead tracking

  • Website traffic lead tracking

Local SEO - Mitro Digital Marketing - North Carolina

Local SEO

  • Get traffic to your door

  • Guaranteed ranking on Google Local

  • Promote your specials to 72 directories instantly

  • Phone call lead tracking

  • Website traffic lead tracking

PPC Management - Mitro Digital Marketing

PPC Management

  • Guaranteed traffic to your site or your door

  • Guaranteed ranking on Google Local

  • Phone call lead tracking

  • Web lead tracking

  • Comprehensive analytical report

Online Reputation Managment - Mitro Digital Marketing

Reputation Management

  • Filter bad reviews

  • Increase good reviews

  • Instant review alert

  • Responding to reviews

  • Marketing positive reviews

Email Marketing - Mitro Digital Marketing

Email Marketing

  • Increase your email contacts

  • Write newsletter and specials

  • Graphic design to boost your brand

  • Custom tailored to your audience needs

  • Comprehensive analytics report

Social Media Marketing - Mitro Digital Marketing

Social Media Management

  • Build your social network

  • Increase your conversion

  • Send traffic to your site or door

  • Social media lead tracking

  • Comprehensive analytics report