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Search Engine Optimization company – Outer Banks, NC– We Write for Humans and Code for Machines

Is your website showing up on the first page on Google, Yahoo and Bing? If not you’re missing out traffic from coming to your website and customers on your door. Let Mitro Digital Marketing, a Search Engine Optimization company – Outer Banks, NC educate you about the importance on Search Engine Optimization, SEO.

The technical term for getting your website to show up on the search engines is called, “Search Engine Optimization”. It’s the process of using onsite and offsite optimization methods to show the search engines that your website is the most relevant site for the particular phrase a person has entered in the search box.

SearchEngineLand-Periodic-Table-of-SEO-2013-largeDifferent Search Engines have different criteria to rank websites. Most of the times, the rules are kept secret and changed often, especially by Google, and it makes SEOs campaigns very challenging tasks.

Fortunately, our team has years of experience in coding and writing relevant content. Our SEO motto is, “Write for humans and code for machines.”

We’ve also invested in cutting edge technology to measure our clients’ SEO, PPC, online reviews and social media campaigns.

This system has also helped us figure out some of the rules that Google’s been keeping secret.

What should you do and what to expect from our seo services?

Call our SEO experts at Mitro Digital Marketing on the Outer Banks, NC to schedule one hour free consultation. During our first consultation, we ask questions about your business and your goals. We run a website audit, keyword research and competition analysis. This helps us find out what kind of phrases your clients are typing on search engines, mostly on Google and Bing. How many searches per month and how your website ranks for each keyword. It also compares the ranking of each word with the top three of your competitors.

Our SEO proposals are tailored to fit our client’s needs and budget. There’s no such thing as one price or package fits all.

The SEO campaigns usually run for 12 months. The first month is ON –Site SEOs and that involves site content, proper HTML coding, and site architecture, and bringing your website up to code.

The second and the ongoing months are Off – Site SEOs and that involves your site’s relationship with the outside online world. That includes, link building, social media, shares, PPC, press releases, articles, blog posts, etc. All of this hard work results in building trust and authority online which brings more traffic to your website, and more traffic means more sales.

If you don’t have your site optimized now is the time to get started.  Feel free to use our online tools below to find out how your business is positioned online. Or call Mitro Digital Marketing now for a free consultation at (252) 715-4750.