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Social Media Marketing

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The purpose of this questionnaire is to give us a good overview of your business, values and goals - so that we can align our efforts with what's important to you. If you do not have all the answers, that's OK - just fill out as much as you can.

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Do you find the maze of social media outlets a bit challenging to navigate? Are you unsure of which social media platform to use to target your customers or prospects in the most efficient manner? It used to be that Facebook and Twitter would corner the social media world, but there is huge interest and interaction with other platforms, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest, just to name a few.  A social media marketing campaign with Mitro Digital Marketing will help to streamline the social media chatter for you and assure that your marketing message is focused. From there, we will make sure that this marketing message reaches your customer and client base.

Social Media Marketing

We know that running a business on the Outer Banks (or anywhere else for that matter) is both time consuming and labor intensive! Many business owners think that optimizing and running a social media marketing campaign is something that can be done in their free time, and when they find out otherwise, it simply falls by the wayside.  Our team of social media marketing experts is here to help build a focused and targeted social media strategy that engages your OBX audience daily.

One of the first steps to success and revenue generation through social media marketing is to establish your online identity, both in local directories, as well as social media platforms.  This means that your logo and brand identity are consistently syndicated, avoiding confusion for search engines and customers alike. This also means a consistent voice, tone, and message. As with our reputation marketing services, our social media approach is carefully crafted to generate and funnel your positive, five star business reviews that may be going unnoticed currently.

Our social media marketing team will create, design, and optimize your social media identity and presence to create community action among your customer base. As with any content marketing strategy, great content is the name of the game, and will greatly increase the interaction on these social media platforms by encouraging shares, cross posting and retweets, as well as website traffic.  We can manage your entire social media presence, creating great content, composing and responding to messages, and disseminating images for your business.

As we’ve all seen, one misinterpreted statement in the social media arena can irreparably harm your business.  We are committed to the success of your business’s online reputation.  Contact us today, we would love to design a stellar social media presence that engages your customers and creates loyalty to your brand.   

If you would like to see the options available to you, so you can get a better return on your investment through your social media outlets, fill out our Social Media Marketing questionnaire below and we will put together a package of deals that will surely appease your current customers and allow new doors to open for new customers.

Social Media Questionnaire