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A study published by CNBC in 2019 outlined how it was expected that 72% of individuals would only use mobile to access the internet by 2025. Now that we're quickly approaching that year, you may wonder whether those forecasts are on point. They are trending in the right direction if you take some of the widely available statistics in abundance online at face value. They suggest that 60% or more of internet users could already only use mobile devices for online searches.

Now, if you're reading these mobile internet usage statistics and asking yourself why these statistics matter, two reasons may resonate with you. The fact that mobile devices are increasingly being used exclusively for accessing the internet by the majority means you'll likely need to use your smartphone or tablet more often to engage with different individuals or businesses. On the flip side of the coin, if you own a company here in North Carolina or elsewhere in the U.S. your customers will expect you to have a responsive website design and potentially a mobile app they can use, or else they'll do business with someone else who already offers that.

When you read the phrase "responsive website" a minute ago, a big question mark may have appeared above your head. It can be uncomfortable not being familiar with certain terminology and feeling like you're missing out on a valuable trend your competitors have already caught onto after all. But no need to worry, below, our Mitro Digital Marketing team will explain what responsive web design is. We'll then wrap up this blog post by discussing some of the services we offer at our web design firm in Raleigh and the Outer Banks that can help you create a responsive website that your customers will want to use more of.

Responsive Website Design

What Is a Responsive Website?

Have you ever wondered how you can visit a website on your laptop or desktop computer and then on your tablet or cell phone and view a version of it no matter the device you use? That all comes down to responsive web design. 

You may have noticed where we mentioned the ability to view a "version" of your company's website on the different devices we discussed. That's because a responsive website is device-flexible. In other words, the following components that are used to build a webpage, like the following, are specifically used with multi-device design in mind:

  • Hypertext markup language (HTML)
  • Menus, call-to-action buttons, site content, and different JavaScript elements
  • Cascading style sheets (CSS)

What Benefits Are Associated With Your Website Having a Responsive Design?

We mentioned earlier that the anticipated use of mobile devices like smartphones or tablets is only expected to increase. Therefore, the need for websites to meet their usability needs is necessary. However, the degree of mobile-friendliness of your website also impacts site ranking. So, if you want to improve your website's Google ranking and thus generate more traffic to your site and, in turn, conversions, ensuring it has a responsive design is critically important. 

Determining If Your Website Is Mobile Optimized

When assessing websites, our Raleigh or Outer Banks web development team often finds that our prospective clients are under the impression that their website is already responsive when that's yet to be the case. While there are many ways to tell if you have a responsive website design, one of perhaps the easiest ways is to type your uniform resource locator (URL) into the address bar of the web browser on your smartphone and press enter. When looking at your webpage, look for the following:

  • Does it take a long time for the different elements of your website to load?
  • Does your website's design look "clean" when viewed on a mobile device, or is content disorganized or poorly formatted? 

If you noticed one of the following when you attempted to bring up your site on your mobile device, then it's likely that you don't yet have a responsive website design: 

  • The site loaded slowly when you attempted to bring it up on your phone
  • The font is particularly small or large
  • Headers or pictures are off-centered or otherwise not organized

Another relatively easy way to assess whether your site uses responsive design is to go to the admin section of your website builder and see if there's a desktop and mobile view tool that allows you to toggle between the two versions. Doing this is a great way to clarify how mobile-optimized your site may be.

What Is the Process Involved in Making a Website Responsive?

Site owners can utilize different front-end framework tools to make their websites responsive. Some of those tools require minimal to no expertise in JavaScript or CSS to use them, whereas others are a bit more complex to use and require slightly more technological acumen. 

Using a content management system (CMS) like WordPress (WP) also simplifies the conversion to and management of a responsive website design without site owners needing coding expertise. Here at Mitro Digital Marketing, our talented team of web developers in Raleigh and the Outer Banks takes time to ensure any website that we build for you is responsive so that you can reach as many potential customers as possible with a stunning website; regardless of the device being used.

Making Sure Your NC Business Website Has a Responsive Web Design

While you can certainly attempt to take a site that is not yet responsive and make changes necessary to ensure it's viewable on screens of varying sizes, you do have to be a bit technologically inclined to do so. Since access to your website and, thus, your North Carolina company's digital presence is on the line if something doesn't go as planned, it's best if you leave implementing responsive design to the professionals. 

Our Mitro Digital Marketing team comprises many experienced web developers and web designers competent in building responsive websites from scratch or taking existing ones and making them mobile-optimized. So, if you need our web design or development services, reach out to us. We help business owners in the OBX, Raleigh, throughout the state of North Carolina, and anywhere else in the U.S. We're eager to help prepare you to better serve your mobile customers.

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