OBX Hand-Coded HTML Website

There are many different ways to have a website done. If you’re like many people these days, you’ve probably heard all the buzz about WordPress websites. You may even have one. Or you may have chosen a beautiful website template by a popular website template company, like Wix. Unfortunately, unless you have an OBX hand-coded HTML website, you may be in for some rough times when it comes to getting your website on page one of the search engines.

Because we research our market very well, we can tell you that there are a lot of Outer Banks businesses that are currently using Wix websites for their OBX business. Because of the setup that’s been used on these sites, it’s being reported that Wix sites are not currently able to be indexed or ranked by Google. In other words, if you have a site that’s not an OBX hand coded HTML website, you’re going to be out of luck and your competitors who have had their site HTML coded will beat you to the top positions in the search results.

Here’s the bottom line. When you work with Mitro Digital Marketing, we do things the right way – right from the start. We can give you an OBX hand coded HTML website that will knock your socks off. It will be able to consistently beat your competition to the top spots on Google, Yahoo and Bing when we add our expertise in search engine optimization techniques. So don’t sit there with a site that may not just have problems now, but may continually have problems in the future. Call Mitro Digital Marketing now at (252) 715-4750 and let us help you get the website that will last for a lifetime. We can give you the HTML website coding that is accepted by all the search engines, all the time.

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