Job Opportunities for Sales Rep

Wanted: Sales Superstar with Passion for Success

Job Description
If you are a sales superstar then you will love helping local business solve problems while improving your financial situation.
You will get our tools and proven strategies to get qualified leads from the comfort of your home. We’ll train you how to present a core value offer, as well as presenting materials. All you have to do is follow our step by step proven to work strategy.

Job Responsibilities
Use our tools to get leads and send out emails.
Follow up with phone calls.
Present solution to prospects’ problem.
Propose and Close: Negotiating and overcoming objections to sign a contract.
Network in your community through the Chamber of Commerce.
Attend BNI groups in your community.

Desired Skills and Expertise
Sales experience is a must. Computer skills such as Microsoft Office, Google Drive, CRM and Skype is required. Understanding of online marketing is a plus.
You excel in everything that you do in life. You can prove that you have what it takes to be a true sales person!

This position has hourly rate and commission structure based on your job performance. For those who want it, it is a great opportunity for promotion upward.

Build a financial windfall for us and yourself within our high end, modern company.
Send your resume at [email protected]

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