Facebook and its Messenger app have been down for two days now. The outage is worldwide with some areas more affected than others.

Here’s a map of the outage provided by the Outage Report.
Facebook is down. Here's the map of the outage.

The report from the downdetector.com shows the following stats:

Log in (44%)
Total blackout (41%)
Pictures (14%)

The log in issue seems to affect accounts whose users have logged out. When they try to log back in, there’s a blank white screen.

This is bad news for all users but mostly for planned events, businesses who rely mainly on Facebook for their sales, and those who spend money advertising on Facebook.

This is a big news but none of the major Amerian media is reporting on this outage.
Facebook also has been quiet about this. Mark Zuckerberg didn’t post anything about this issue on his Facebook profile page. I hope he’s busy working on bringing the site back up.

Mitro Digital Marketing is able to access some Facebook accounts that have been linked to the software used for managing social media. If an account has been disconnected, we’re not able to connect them now.