Social Media & Content role on our Outer Banks SEO Strategies

The most common question we get from potential clients interested in our social media services is, “Which Social Media is right for me?” What I say is that the more social media platforms you use the better traffic you get to your site and hopefully more clients. If they don’t want to pay for all of them which it’s understandable, we evaluate their clientele, analyze where the leads are coming from, and then we recommend the right social media platform for them.

And if you've been following me, you know that I’m big fan of analyzing leads. You have to know where everything is coming from, where you stand and make plans where you want to be. Somebody told me that my Capricorn sign makes me act like that. So, if it works, I’ll take credit for it, if not, blame the horoscope.

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Anyway, the social media platforms that play a major role in Search Engine Optimizations as well as Search Engine Marketing are: Google +, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube. However, the results depend on what you’re writing and posting. There’s no secret that writing rich, fun, unique and relevant content is extremely important. When your content is liked, shared, re-tweeted, +1, you establish a reliable presence online, brand your company and send traffic to your website which increases ranking. If we’re using social media for your business as part of our Outer Banks SEO strategy, we create numerous social media accounts.

These conventional strategies naturally create popularity of searched relevant keywords to your industry. The more effective these keywords are integrated into website content, social media profiles and posts, the likelier the search engines will pick up your site and push it up to the top of the search page.

The major search engines, such as Google, are sensitive to keyword optimized website content. A reliable Outer Banks web designer like Mitro Digital Marketing can audit and improve your business website by combining social media-friendly content and customized, dynamic web design. Such SEO strategies, among many other techniques, can effectively drive social media traffic to your site, and establish authority online as the most reliable player in your business industry.


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