Digital Marketing Portfolio – Crafting Freedom Institute Website Build

Crafting Freedom Institute

Crafting Freedom Institute entrusted us with the task of developing their website which we accepted with much excitement. The Crafting Freedom Institute is dedicated to spreading knowledge about the historical era of slavery, particularly focusing on elementary and middle-grade education. 

So that we could best fulfill the objective of our clients to promote the spread of their lessons, we chose WordPress as the platform for crafting their online presence. We made this decision because we recognize WordPress for its versatility and search engine optimization capabilities, and it offered an ideal foundation for a website that aimed to reach a broad audience. The web content that we created was meticulously optimized with relevant keywords to ensure that it would be easily discoverable through search engines, which would maximize its outreach potential.

We designed this website to make it easier for our clients to spread their knowledge throughout their North Carolina community. We chose an aesthetic that matches the historical significance of their lessons while creating a visual narrative that pays homage to an era from the past. The design was consciously fashioned in an old-fashioned style to not only serve an aesthetic purpose but also underscore the organization’s commitment to preserving and disseminating historical knowledge.

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