Digital Marketing Portfolio – Outer Banks Hotline Website Build

Building a website for Outer Banks Hotline was and still is something we are proud of because the website we built is not just a non-profit website where users can find more information about Outer Banks Hotline, it is a way to save people’s lives! It may be an escape from domestic violence, sexual assault, or any other kind of violence. It was built to change people’s lives and we were in charge of it. We got the responsibility and we did our best to make this website as valuable as possible. We made it safe to navigate and it also has a Safe Exit button which allows users to close the website in a very quick and safe mode without marks.

It’s easy and fast to navigate from a technological point of view. Some of our challenges included migrating the content from an old content management system into a new, custom-built WordPress site as well as developing the site to be responsive across all devices. We also converted all their PDF forms into web pages so the users can easily submit them online. We also ensured that any relevant forms have an online payment method (PayPal) so sponsors can pay directly after submitting the form.

Outer Banks Hotline

We wanted to ensure that anyone in need could benefit from this website, so we implemented a Google plugin to allow people to translate the website into Spanish. This is a very useful future for people whose first language is Spanish.

Another challenge for our digital marketing team was building their shopping cart on the website where users can shop to donate. We developed a website that prioritizes security. All the payments are safe and secured by an https protocol. Users can pay via PayPal, which uses data encryption and anti-fraud technology to keep user’s information secure, reducing the risk of online fraud.

We wanted to ensure optimal performance, so before the new site went live, we launched full testing of website speed and optimized all images, CSS, and JavaScript files for a faster load. 

We were in charge of collecting and arranging the information, hand-coding the custom theme for WordPress, and managing the process from beginning to end. 

Working on this website was a huge pleasure for all Mitro Digital Marketing team members and we are always looking forward to getting involved with projects for other Non-Profit Organizations.

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