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Ramada Plaza Nags Head was one of the most ambitious projects we had in 2017. As they are overseen by Wyndham Worldwide initially they had their website hosted with them under their web development platform. So, when the manager from Ramada Plaza Nags Head came to Mitro Digital Marketing with the problem of their website not ranking on Google and other Search Engines we found out that they had many limitations on managing their website SEO. We suggested them to move over to a different platform like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or any other CMS that gives them the full control over their website.

Eventually we helped them make the best decision for the services they provide. So, they picked WordPress with a private cPanel on our dedicated server. This was the step when the challenge started.

Ramada Plaza Nags Head

As they already had their website built but not having access to the backend of it and we were only given a backup of the front end of the website which includes (HTML, CSS, JavaScript and images) and because WordPress’s structure is so different than the Wyndham Worldwide web development platform, we had to cleanup a lot of unnecessary JavaScript, CSS and HTML code and integrate it with WordPress the old design and the functionality they had before.

This includes:

  • Check rates forms;
  • RFP forms;
  • Weather widget;
  • Menu bars;
  • Sliders on each page;
  • Contact Form;
  • Google Maps.

Using WordPress, we were able to provide them with content for their blog posts on a monthly basis and the latest posts appear on the home page of their new site. The URL structure on the old site was causing the site not to rank well on search engines. So, we researched top keywords for their niche and location as well as analyzing analytics and traffic to form “search engine happy” & restructured URLs. With Onsite SEO being a priority, we made sure all pages contained page titles and meta descriptions, clearly defined keywords, images with alt tags containing the keywords, H1’s, the right amount of content and a few other things. Most of this was accomplished by using the WordPress plugin Yoast SEO. With that, the problem with SEO was on its way to a healthy recovery.

Our Senior Developer built a WordPress Plugin for their website which is showing different phone numbers according to the traffic source. If the users are accessing the website, for the first time, through a Search Engine then they see Mitro Digital Marketing’s tracking phone number which is redirected to Ramada’s phone number. Even if they leave and come back after a while accessing the website directly they will still see the tracking number. This way we can track the result of our work as we are responsible for the SEO. But, if the users are accessing the website, for the first time, directly then our plugin will show Ramada’s phone number. These kinds of users are not tracked.

Few more pages were added on the website and one of them has another cool feature. This is the outer banks events page. On this page we integrated a third-party JavaScript plugin which shows the events and activities from the Outer Banks area according to the category and Location the users chooses.

Before the new site went live, we launched a full-on testing of the website speed and optimized all pages, images, CSS and JavaScript files for a faster load time.

Now the Ramada has full access to the Front End and Back End of their website including the functionality of creating custom links for posts and pages. Solving these problems we helped our client to achieve their set objectives to the fullest.

Afterwards, the client chose to add other services with us to ensure they would keep a healthy, highest quality, and ranking site. Mitro Digital Marketing helps them with their PPC, Blog Content, Social Media, Continuous Website Maintenance and Management, and Marketing Consulting.

We had a blast bringing this site back to life! Happy Travels!

Victor Rusu

Victor enjoys programming, learning new ways to solve problems and sharing his new knowledge with others.

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