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CSJJ – Delivering the right service, to the right youth, in the right setting, at the right time.

Comprehensive Strategies for Juvenile Justice, or CSJJ for short, is an organization dedicated to making systematic improvements to the juvenile justice system. Until recently, they did not have a website of their own to branch out their platform, so it made sense to build a website to expand their program. That’s when they decided to call Mitro Digital Marketing for their government website build.

CSJJ home page
Home page of the CSJJ site.

The organization’s lead advisors are primarily John J. Wilson, Esq. and James C. Howell, PhD, both of whom have had a long history in the juvenile and criminal justice system. Mr. Wilson has served in the Office of General Counsel, U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP), as well as others, dedicating himself to the study and upholding of the law. Mr. Howell also worked at the OJJDP for over 20 years, and is a prolific writer, detailing subjects such as youth violence, gangs, and juvenile justice.

Despite their impressive qualifications, the CSJJ team felt more comfortable having an outside source build their website for them. That’s where we came in. In the first stages of the website design, Michelle drafted a six-page mock up for the site. Unlike our Neal Contracting project, CSJJ was integrated with WordPress, eliminating the need for building the entire site from scratch. This allowed for a quicker build that could focus solely on design.

Our developer, Jace, started with a blank WordPress theme and built from there. Since WordPress had the back end covered, he focused his attention on mobile responsiveness and JavaScript functionality for the front end. He created a simple typing text block and another one that slides in from the side for the home page, a bio overlay for the CSJJ team’s profiles on the about page, and a responsive navigation menu for mobile users. In addition, he did some minor PHP and Ajax work in the header and footer to help site performance.

CSJJ footer
Footer of the CSJJ site.

After the first revision was submitted, the CSJJ team only had a few minor changes they wanted to make. It pleased us that our mock-up was to their liking. Some of the changes included updates to the publications list on the publications page, updates to clients on the program page, and new bio images for some of the CSJJ team members. Jace continued to polish the site, fixing some layout issues with the search, author, and post pages; he also optimized several images on the site that were much larger than they needed to be.

Once all was to CSJJ’s satisfaction, we moved the site to its new domain, added an SSL certificate to make sure the site is secure, and connected it to Google Analytics to help with future SEO efforts and to keep track of the traffic. The CSJJ team is proud to show off their new site, and we hope that it will expand their juvenile justice system reformation program to new heights.

Jace Fincham

Jace has been a Web Developer for Mitro Digital Marketing for over two years. He is skilled in working with the latest programming languages and web development technology. He graduated from College of The Albemarle in 2017 with an Associate's in Applied Sciences degree.

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