Get Ahead with a Responsive Website from an Outer Banks SEO Agency

In response to the steady integration of the Internet into everyday life, mobile marketing is slowly becoming more commonplace among businesses. The trend is more in demand by companies that sell products through their e-commerce sites, relying on “mobile websites” for the bulk of their marketing efforts. Although the term is thrown around a lot nowadays, a study presented by BizReport suggests that not all businesses even know how to make an effective mobile website, resulting in sites that actually make poor platforms for mobile marketing:

"Their data shows that of the 155 mobile websites they studied only about 20% had load times of 4 seconds or shorter on smartphones; about one-third (32%) of mobile sites took between 8 and 48 seconds to load.

Why the sites slow down? Because many sites aren't optimized for mobile screen sizes."

These numbers may seem insignificant to most businesses, but web development and marketing firms beg to differ. A website that loads slowly on mobile devices is likely to exhibit the same slow time and inefficiency in other devices like laptops or desktop computers. This translates to a more frustrating browsing experience and less user engagement; both of which can lead to poorer sales. Mitro Digital Marketing, a reputable Outer Banks SEO company, seeks to address this issue by offering their clients “responsive web design.”

web performance impacting experience

Responsive web design allows websites to load and function seamlessly on any device regardless of its hardware or software limitations; a feature known as “contextual awareness”. Simply put, a website built with a responsive design in mind will quickly adjust its layout accordingly if it’s loaded on a smartphone or a tablet, allowing for shorter loading times and a smoother browsing experience. This obviously makes a responsive website invaluable for mobile marketing, since most mobile devices have smaller resolutions and less complex internet browsers. Considering that most internet experts are convinced that mobile users will outnumber laptop or desktop users when it comes to internet activity in the future, a responsive web design allows businesses to stay ahead of their competition.

Working with Mitro Digital Marketing, a reliable Outer Banks web developer or a similar professional will also be crucial in creating responsive websites that allow both cursor and touchscreen-based interactions. This is important because more advanced devices, like the HP Touchsmart tm2t, already allow both types of user interactivity. Assuming that the Internet will continue to have a strong impact on daily life, people can expect these devices to become more commonplace. Businesses, in turn, can expect greater demand for responsive web designs that make their mobile marketing efforts more effective.

(Source: Studies: Web performance impacting experience, Responsive Design slowing mobile sites, BizReport, April 15, 2014)

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