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Jace Fincham

Jace Fincham

Jace has been a Web Developer for Mitro Digital Marketing for over two years. He is skilled in working with the latest programming languages and web development technology. He graduated from College of The Albemarle in 2017 with an Associate's in Applied Sciences degree.

Jace's Posts
Top 5 programming languages featured

Top 5 Programming Languages Used in Web Development

When it comes to web development, there are an overwhelmingly large number of programming languages to choose from. For an up-and-coming programmer, it can be a hard decision on which language to learn first. Assuming the programmer already has a [...]

http vs https

HTTP or HTTPS – The Importance of a Secure Website

It's an ever-lingering question. Is HTTP sufficient for a website, or should site owners use HTTPS instead? Google has been pushing for all websites to migrate to HTTPS, but what is their reason for this stance? To answer these questions, [...]